No More Few, Far and Between

Nothing could be more gratifying, for an artist of any type, than connecting with other people through your work. When any one person connects with your expressions--whether it be a song or even a single line--the feeling is magic.

Compared to modern times, back in the day, these rewards were few, far and between. Songwriters would labor over the writing process, often for months or even years, before they would be able to assemble musicians and enter the studio to "cut" an album. For this reason, it wasn't unusual for this process to create years of expanse between the release of new works. Yet, for those who were purely recording artists, this was the only means of connecting with an audience; so the in-between times were filled with work and loneliness.

My how times have changed.

In the modern era, this need not be the case. Yes, distributing a complete album and/or live performances will forever remain the way for a singer, songwriter or musician to be fulfilled, but, in those now shorter in-between times, the urge to reach out is inevitable. With modern technology, let's face it--you can tweet or blog your life away, one moment at a time. And that is what this blog and website are all about.

I don't intend to make this a place for daily rants, family photos or endless updates about my personal life. Rather, I plan to make this a continual outlet for thoughts and expressions pertaining to my work. I will continually toil over the songwriting process (along with poetry and other art forms), but, in the meantime, I plan to produce the good, bad and ugly--right here.

Fully Exposed

Of course, no one shows the entire world their ugliest parts, so don't expect to find pictures of my morning hairdo or face-in-the-toilet hangovers here. Only our closest loved ones are afforded these opportunities. However, being the cheap date that I am, it doesn't take much to make me open up, and for this purpose, allow me to introduce the "Backstage" area of my site. And since I'm no Aerosmith, and no one's going to pay a single penny to see anymore of me than they have to, all of this can be yours for the low, one-time fee of your name and email address. This way, when you don't take the time to send me hate emails, I know how to reach you and what name to call you by when I beg you to be my fan and friend.

In all seriousness, by design, the Backstage area of provides a space where I can show a little more of my personal side--a lot of the "stuff" behind my songs and lyrics. Here you will find articles, videos, photos and additional music. It is meant to be a mixed-media outlet that's ongoing in nature; so, if you happen to enjoy what you see, hear or read, then check back frequently. And don't be surprised to find new content popping up daily, even if it is a picture of me ... with my face in the toilet.

Thanks for reading.

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October 24, 2013